Who Is Christian Malietoa-Brown?

Making a difference - Changing the Game

I am Samoan who sings Croatian with my brother. We founded a singing group called Klapa Samoana and built our careers solely through social media. I teach people who to get to the essence of their message and to perform it in every bit of communication that they have. Each person is different so the approach and style in their communications will naturally be different as well. I love the challenge of taking someone from being good and making them great, amazing, phenomenal and unforgettable. Everything I do is about creating change and finding the point of difference that can make that happen faster. I have no interest in staying the same or nurturing the status quo. Everything should be improving or else it is dying.

Why Work With Me?

I often say:
There is no secret. There is no magic pill or silver bullet. There is only consistent effort over time. The main reason that you come and work with us is not so much because you need to know what to do, but rather that you need the support to do what it takes, in the volume that it takes in order to succeed. It is not enough to just do something half-arsed. It must be total commitment and all-out, massive action.

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Whom Do I Not Work With?

Whom Do I Work With?

I ONLY work with people:

  • Who want results
  • Who have achieved decent results before in some area of their life.
  • Who are already good at what they do and just need someone to show them how to channel it into the digital space or social media.
  • Who are not quitters or excuse makers.
  • Who are committed, self motivated and dedicated.
  • Who are tough, resilient and mentally strong.

What Do You Need To Come Work With Me?

What Do You Need To Come Work With Me?


  • Get confidence in who you are, what you do and what you have to offer that can help people or improve their lives
  • Take this confidence and communicate effectively in real life and in the digital space.


  • Learn how to tell your story effectively so you attract the people that like what you do, believe what you believe and share your vision in what you do.
  • Create content to be omnipresent and dominate your market with your authentic voice, character and personality
  • Express clearly what you do and who you do it for so that you have strong leads and people who want what you have to offer.


  • Get paid for what you do and how you do it
  • Become the expert or celebrity in your space or market
  • Charge premium price for your services
  • Flat Fee - $597 per hour
  • 6 Week Retainer - $10000
  • 1 Year Retainer - $75000


Unlimited access.

Whenever you need my help I am on hand (within reason) .

You will be given the tools, the tricks, the structure, the model and the information to build out your digital presence and social media experience.

You will go from virtually unheard of to being omnipresent in the digital space and in your market .

Why Do You Need This?

Post Covid-19 the world has changed. There is a huge transferral of wealth taking place. Millions will lose their jobs, houses, incomes, families and lives in the economic crisis that is coming.

You need to be prepared. You need to be ready. You must position yourself to be rock solid as the rest of the market gets wiped out.

Digital presence and Social media is not a question or a theory anymore. You have to make it happen and you have to dominate it or you will be left behind and become extinct.

It’s up to you.

We only work with a few clients a month – Why should we work with you over other people? What makes you special?

Out of 10 – how committed are you to seeing this work?

Are you ready to get started?

(Take $10,000)